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10 Benefits of purchasing a premium Pre-owned vehicle.

The past few months have presented many different challenges and dynamics to consumer’s buying behaviour when considering their mobility. However, the Pre-owned market is currently offering considerable value for buyers. Here are 10 benefits of purchasing a premium Pre-owned Audi right now:

1. Consumers are re-evaluating their mobility choices towards practicality. Premium Pre-owned vehicles offer good value without sacrificing on badge quality.

2. Pre-owned vehicles offer an appealing entry price point – especially now, as new car pricing rose from 2.3% in the first quarter of 2019 to 4.0% in the first quarter of 2020. (Source: TransUnion Vehicle Pricing Index)

3. The current consumer trend is to buy down, and this expected to continue for some time. A change in vehicle body-style does not have to result in a change of brand preference. Continuing to drive your favourite premium brand like Audi is still possible.

4. Buying a Pre-owned vehicle enables you to keep driving your favourite premium brand, while making the necessary adjustments to ride out uncertain times.

5. Pre-owned vehicles come with a thorough history of servicing and maintenance within the Audi brand, ensuring that the vehicle has been in good hands and serviced with brand parts.

6. The Pre-owned business is integrated into an automotive retailer’s total business and includes a similar value proposition to a new vehicle which is based on trust, assurance and integrity.

7. Pre-owned vehicles that come with the remainder of service and maintenance plan, offer peace of mind benefits.

8. To qualify as certified Pre-owned, a vehicle must follow a rigorous inspection, thus ensuring further assurance and trust.

9. Pre-owned vehicles come with other, equally important guarantees: For example, Audi’s integrity check ensures that all Pre-owned vehicles are not listed as having been stolen or the subject of fraud.

10. Pre-owned vehicles that come with a service and maintenance plan, can often include further value and benefit: Audi’s Pre-owned vehicles come with Audi Assist, which includes free roadside assistance in the case of an emergency (within the policy parameters).