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Project Description

A safe journey starts before you head out onto the road.

Ensure complete peace-of-mind with the 20-point Audi Quality Check.

Embark on every journey with complete peace-of-mind by simply booking a free Audi Quality Check. Our expert technicians will carefully examine your Audi to ensure peak performance, no matter the road ahead. Our complimentary, comprehensive 20-point Quality Check never misses a step by ensuring that every inch of your Audi is safe and ready to embrace every adventure. The 20-point Quality Check includes:

1. Interior and Luggage Compartment Lights

2. Brake Fluid Level

3. Engine Oil

4. Coolant Level/Condition

5. Exhaust System

6. Steering Leaks

7. Suspension Condition

8. Radiator Hoses

9. Windscreen Washer Bottle and Fluid Level

10. Front Disc Pads

11. Rear Disc Pads

12. Tyre and Rim Conditions

13. Caliper Seals

14. Wipers

15. Exterior Lights

16. Steering Rack

17. Ball Joints Tie Rod Play (Visual Check on Ball Point Rubbers)

18. Wheel Bearing Play

19. Spare Wheel

20. Jack and Wheel Spanner